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Impacts of Recent Peace Delegation in Pakistan

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peace_delegation-pakistanGlobal Exchange Co-Founder Medea Benjamin and delegates from CodePink recently completed a peace march to tribal areas of Pakistan that have been limited to foreigners in the past decade. Here’s more about it.

Explore the Political and Cultural Context of Iran this September

Posted by in Citizen Diplomacy, Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 20th June, 2012 | 2 Comments

Reality Tours participant in Esphahan.What it’s like to travel to Iran? Here’s what one past Reality Tours participant had to say about traveling.

Serial Reality Tours Tripper Hoping to Travel to Uganda Next

Posted by in Africa, Asia, Citizen Diplomacy, Civil Rights, Europe, Guest Posts, Middle East, Peace and Conflict, Trip Participant Stories on 30th May, 2012 | 3 Comments

Jane Stillwater, Reality Tours AlumniJane Stillwater is preparing for her 6th Reality Tour to Uganda. Learn how this Citizen Diplomat does it and how her other journeys to Afghanistan, Belfast, North Korea, Iran, and Cuba gave her lots to share.

Congratulations for a Decade in Afghanistan- Our Partner Afghans4Tomorrow Shares Their Thoughts!

Posted by in Citizen Diplomacy, Middle East, Partner and Trip Leader Stories on 27th February, 2012 | No Comments

A4T Science Fair in Kabul  Afghanistan. These students (4.5 to 7 yrs. old) sang the Afghan National Anthem to the audience  before the Fair's presentations.Today’s special blog  is the last commemorating a decade of Reality Tours in Afghanistan and features the insights of Marsha MacColl, on behalf of our partner Afghans4Tomorrow (A4T). On behalf of Global Exchange we thank all the tremendous energy and efforts of A4T and look forward to a dynamic future of continued collaboration. Congratulations to Global Exchange […]

“Please Don’t Just Take it From Me”: Palestine & Israel Past Participant’s Insightful Story

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Graffiti Wall by Ken YaleKen Yale, Reality Tours Palestine & Israel Past Participant, shares his reflections on exactly the kind of transformative experience that keeps us here at Reality Tours ever motivated to continue our work to have you “Meet the People, Learn the Facts, and Make a Difference”!

Stone-Cold Truths: Reality Tour Participant Reports from Iran

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2006.11.07-009A moving, honest piece written by a Reality Tours participants currently writing from Iran. She shares her thoughts about what it’s like to fall in love with a place in your mind, and how the fear that surfaces once you decide to travel there.

American College Student Travels to Iran for First Time

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 28th June, 2011 | 2 Comments

2006.11.07-009What happens when an American young woman visits Iran for the first time? You can find out as you follow the adventures of Alexa, a Tufts University student majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic who is en route to Iran.

Laughing in Afghanistan

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 13th January, 2011 | 2 Comments

burqaeditThis was post was written by former participant Jennifer Huber shortly after her trip to Kabul, Afghanistan with Reality Tours and originally appeared on Laughing in Afghanistan Jennifer Huber Sky-blue burqas continue to flow down the dusty streets of Kabul. They’re remnants of the Taliban’s harsh reign and belief women should not be seen.  […]

Journey to Iran – Last Days in Tehran

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 8th September, 2010 | 2 Comments

View of downtown Tehran from the Tochal CondolaThe sixth and final part of the ‘Journey to Iran’ series. One last stop to Tehran to explore the capital city and to reflect on the whole delegation and a new and better understanding of the Iranian people.

Journey to Iran – Esfahan, Half the World

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Esfahan-ShakingMinarets-CuteSchoolgirlsAliceDeborahSmPart five in the ‘Journey to Iran’ series. During some of the dynasties of the Persian Empire, the area it governed was so large that its capitals were located in cities that are now outside of present-day Iran. It wasn’t until the Safavid dynasty re-established the Persian Empire in 1502 that the capital cities were henceforth located within present-day Iran. And it was under the Safavids that Persian art and culture again flourished, and most of all within their capital city, Esfahan.

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