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American College Student Travels to Iran for First Time

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 28th June, 2011 | 2 Comments

What happens when an American young woman visits Iran for the first time? You can find out as you follow the adventures of Alexa, a Tufts University student majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic who is en route to Iran.

Laughing in Afghanistan

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 13th January, 2011 | 2 Comments

This was post was written by former participant Jennifer Huber shortly after her trip to Kabul, Afghanistan with Reality Tours and originally appeared on Laughing in Afghanistan Jennifer Huber Sky-blue burqas continue to flow down the dusty streets of Kabul. They’re remnants of the Taliban’s harsh reign and belief women should not be seen.  […]

Photographing Cuba: Fifty years after the Revolution

Posted by in Art and Culture, Caribbean, Trip Participant Stories on 21st October, 2010 | 2 Comments

In September 2010, Reality Tour participant Harlan Crowder went to Cuba with the Business of Art & Technology in Cuba delegation. Read the story behind two of Harlan’s favorite photographs that he made on the trip. My personal mission on this trip was to photograph and document Cuban life and society as I experienced it. […]

Journey to Iran – City of Shiraz

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 24th August, 2010 | No Comments

Part three in the ‘Journey to Iran’ series. The beautiful city of Shiraz, known for its gardens, nightingales, roses, wine, and poets is also known for being a very liberal city in Iran. And while unfortunately, the wine is no longer to be found, poetry abounds here…

Journey to Iran – Deserts of Yazd

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 18th August, 2010 | 1 Comment

Part two in the ‘Journey to Iran’ series. A visit to an amazing desert town that is one of the very oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world (about 7,000 years). Because it was so isolated and dry, it was never made into a capital city, and thus was evidently never overrun and destroyed by foreign armies.

Participant Story Part 1: Journey to Iran

Posted by in Middle East, Trip Participant Stories on 10th August, 2010 | 1 Comment

Deborah James advocated for Fair Trade at Global Exchange from 1993 – 2005, and now serves as a member of the Global Exchange Board. She is currently the Director of International Programs at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. She recently participated in the the Citizen Diplomacy Delegation to Iran with Reality Tours and in a series of posts, she shares with us her experience.

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