Community Rights Network of Mendocino County

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking” has increasingly become a danger to many communities in California. Specifically, Mendocino County is at the forefront of this atrocity. With the relentless drought already haunting so many farmers, the insane amount of water used for the practice of fracking will only worsen their burdens. The possible billions of gallons of toxic waste that fracking generates will also have unforgiveable consequences on not only the farming communities, but also the community at large. Mendocino County is fighting back to ban fracking and protect their natural born right to clean water and air.

Community Rights Network of Mendocino County has gathered some over 6,300 signatures throughout the county to ban the practice of fracking before it begins by putting the ordinance on the November ballot. If passed by voters, Mendocino County will join over 160 communities across the US that have protected the rights and welfare of its residents and local ecosystems.

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Also check out this article posted by the Ukiah Daily Journal where Community Rights Director, Shannon Biggs is mentioned for her work in the progression of the Mendonico County campaign: 

6,300 sign petition of support for Mendocino County fracking ordinance





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