California Communities Against Fracking

Join us for the Cautionary Tales of Fracking Tour!

Global Exchange is excited to announce the upcoming rally in March for the Cautionary Tales of Fracking Tour in California, spurred by the Stop the Frack Attack Network (STFA), of which Global Exchange is a steering committee member! We have amazing speakers planned including Pramilla Malick, Shane Davis, Deborah Cipolla Dennis and Rod Brueske.

The tour will start off March 15 in Sacramento with a huge rally at the capital. Busses are being organized to bring residents from all over to join the rally. The tour then leaves the capital for the real houses of power—affected communitiesin Fresno, Kern County and Los Angeles. Global Exchange will be mobilizing our members to participate, and we are also leading trainings at each tour stop on how to pass a local ordinance to ban fracking and assert community rights. 

Wanna join the rally? Contact Barbara Stebbins at 

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After months of planning with our tour partners and local community hosts, the Earth week California Communities Rising Against Fracking tour seemed to fly by. Although expectations were high, we couldn’t have predicted how much our message and speakers would resonate with California residents from Chico to San Diego (and beyond).  In total, we brought together 18 speakers on the road: each stop was tailored specifically to meet local needs and assist local efforts. In San Diego, our youngest fractivist ever took the stage.

We spoke to well over 1,000 people - standing room only in most communities (and two local events for another 400). We've also  been inundated with new requests from Mt. Shasta to Palm Springs. We signed up over 100 local volunteers to assist with moving their campaigns forward. We engaged with 1 state senator, 2 mayors, 7 city council members and 2 Democratic Convention delegates. Check out Doug Shields addressing Culver City Council here!

And to keep the rest of the public updated on our travels, we hit the local airwaves and mainstream media and blogosphere before during and after the tour. For a good report back of the tour on San Jose, check out the podcast. We had a lot of fun, good conversations, met new friends and were even serenaded in Chico by Los Caballitos de cancion!

A special appreciation to our special guests, former Pittsburgh City Councilman Doug Shields, who led his community to pass the first ever local rights-based ban in the country, and his wife Briget Shields who works with affected communities in PA and beyond through Marcellus Protest.  Together this dynamic duo helped Californians hold up a mirror to our frightening future if we don’t stand up to Big Oil and Gas, and at the same time demonstrated the power of local organizing to become “Frack-Free”.  They were inspiring, tireless and in-demand wherever we went. 
With their help at the Culver City Council, and following a special Fracking Democracy School, we deepened our organizing, where residents are putting forward a rights-based charter amendment to ban fracking

In San Luis Obispo, our Town Hall presenting a rights-based ordinance was filled to overflowing, as City Councilman John Ashbaugh said “I haven’t seen that many people gathered around an environmental issue in over a decade.”  Four municipalities in the county are exploring passing a similar ordinance. 

And in Santa Barbara, following a Democracy School and a crowded public event, residents have decided to work with Global Exchange explore what a rights-based ordinance could mean for their community. 




Check out the article here!



For  more information, join the tour, be a community host and to get involved
Contact Shannon Biggs, Community Rights Program director, Global Exchange

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