Community Campaigns


All of the communities we work with are seeking to take control of their local destinies and to subordinate corporations to local democratic control by passing rights-based laws. 
In so doing they link arms with over 150 communities across the U.S. that have stopped working defensively against specific corporate harms and taken courageous action to assert their right to decide in the place where they live.
Our role as rights-based organizers in California 
In California, Global Exchange is the contact organization for community rights organizing. We are currently working with the following communities on active rights-based campaigns: 
  • Culver City on banning fracking
  • San Luis Obispo on banning fracking 
  • Mendocino County around the right to local food sovereignty 
  • Nevada City around the right to local food sovereignty 
  • Mt. Shasta around the right to local food sovereignty 
  • Santa Monica around the right to be a sustainable city 
How does it work? Take a look inside a campaign:

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