Costa Rica

With its extensive network of national parks, stunning scenery, and diverse wildlife, Costa Rica is on the forefront of the international conservation movement and has become synonymous with "ecotourism": socially responsible travel that strives to conserve the environment while improving the welfare of the local people. On this tour, you'll experience first-hand both the successes and the failures of ecotourism development. Specifically, participants will explore natural areas for tourism that have caused the destruction of ecosystems and the displacement of local populations.

Join Global Exchange Reality Tours as we explore the advantages and disadvantages of a tourism-based economy while visiting some of the country's strikingly beautiful parks, quaint coffee towns, and beaches. We will examine the social and environmental problems Costa Ricans are facing today and meet people who are creating sustainable solutions for the future. Costa Rica's local solutions to these challenges will inspire our own action and involvement with these global issues.

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