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A list of links to reports, organizations, resource centers, media centers, published books, and videos to deepen your understanding of past and present issues within India.


All works by Vandana Shiva, important voice against Globalization. Books include:

  • Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainable, and Peace (2005)
  • Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution and Profit (2002)
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: The Impact of Globalization (2002).
  • India Divided: Diversity and Democracy Under Attack (2005)
  • Ecofeminism (1993)
  • Biodiversity (1992)
  • The Violence of the Green Revolution (1992)
  • Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development (1989)
  • Stolen Harvest (1999)
  • Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge (1997)


Power Politics, by Arundahati Roy.

The Struggle Against Violence, by Chhaya Datar, 1995.

Freedom at Midnight, by L. Collins and D. Lapierre, 2004.

Tribes of India, The Struggle for Survival, by Christoph Von Furerhaimendorf et al., 1991.

The Politics of India Since Independence, by Paul R. Brass, 2008.


Shoveling Smoke: Advertising in Globalization in Contemporary India, by William Mazzarella, 2003.

Globalization and Its Discontents, by Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2003.

Planet India: The Turbulent Rise of the Largest Democracy and the Future of Our World, by Mira Kamdar, 2008.

Human trafficking

Rape for Profit: Trafficking of Nepali Girls and Women to India’s Brothels by Human Rights Watch/Asia, 1995.

Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex Work, and Human Rights by Kamala Kempadoo, ed., 2005.


The Bandit Queen of India: An Indian Woman’s Amazing Journey from Peasant to International Legend. Phoolan Devi et al., 2006.

An Indian Freedom Fighter Recalls Her Life, by Manmohini Zutshi Sahgal, 1997.

Where Women Are Leaders: The SEWA Movement in India, by Kalima Rose, 1993.

May You Be the Mother of One Hundred Sons, by Elizabeth Bumiller, 1991.

Unveiling India, by Anees Jung, 1990.

Caste as Woman, by Vrinda Nabar, 2003.

Flowing Upstream: Empowering Women through Water Management Initiatives in India (Environment and Development), by Sara Ahmed, 2005.


India: Mainstreaming the Environment for Sustainable Development, by Asian Development Bank, 2001.

Gender and the Built Environment in India, by Madjavi Desai, 2004.

Urbanisation, Development and Environment India, by Swapna Banerjee-Guha, 2007.

Indigenous Vision: Peoples of India Attitudes to the Environment, by Geeti Sen, 1992.

Water Harvesting and Sustainable Supply in India, by R.N. Athavale, 2003.

Energy and Environment in India: A Handbook, by Bani P. Banerjee, 2005.

India and Global Climate Change: Perspectives on Economics and Policy from a Developing Country, by Michael A. Toman et al., 2003.

Grassroots Environmental Action: People’s Participation in Sustainable Development, by Dharam Ghai, 1995.


A New Penguin Handbook of Living Religions. by John R. Hinnels, 2003.

Travels Through Sacred India, by Roger Housden, 1996.

Hinduism - an Introduction, by Shakunthala Jagannathan, 1999.

Indian Mythology, by Veronica Ions, 2004.

Religion in India: A Historical Introduction. Fred Clothey, 2007.


South Indian Customs, by P.V. Jagadisa Ayyar, 1985.

India – Culture Smart!: a quick guide to customs and etiquette. Nicki Grihault.

Kalarippayat: India’s Ancient Martial Art. D.H. Luijendijk, 2005.

Speaking of India: Bridging the Communication Gap When Working With Indians, by Craig Storti, 2007.

Books by Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas K. Gandhi, An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiences with the Truth, Boston: Beacon Press, 1957, 1993.

Hind Swaraj, Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1938.

Satyagraha in South Africa, Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1928, 1972.

The Constructive Programme: Its Meaning and Place. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1941.

From Yeravda Mandir: Ashram Observances. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1932.

Ashram Observances in Action. Sheffield: Greenleaf Books, 1998.

The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi. (Originally titled, Discourses on the Gita), Berkeley: Berkeley Hills Books, 2000.

Gandhi's Health Guide (Originally titled, A Guide to Health.) Freedom, CA: Crossing, 2000.

Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi (Vols. 1 - 100) New Delhi: Publications Division of the Government of India, 1958, 1994.

Bapu's Letters to Mira (1928 - 1948). Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1949.

Delhi Diary. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1948.

The Economics of Khadi. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1941.

Ethical Religion. Madras: S. Ganesan, 1922.

For Pacifists. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1949.

Gandhiji's Correspondence with Government, 1942. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1945.

Gokhale, My Political Guru. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1958.

History of Satygra ha Ash ram. Madras: G.A. Natesan, 1947.

My Appeal to the British. New York: John Day Company, 1942.

Non-Violence in Peace and War. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1945 (vol. 1), 1949 (vol.2).

Sarvodaya. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1951.

Socialism of My Conception. Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1957.

Women and Social Injustice. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1942, 1972.

Books about Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi: A Life, by Yogesh Chadha, 1999.

The Forgotten Woman: The Untold Story of Kastur, Wife of Mahatma Gandhi, by Dr. Arun Gandhi and Sunanda Gandhi, 1997.

Mahatma Gandhi's Ideas, by C.F. Andrews, London: George Alien, 1929.

Mahatma Gandhi: His Own Story, by C.F. Andrews. New York: MacMillan Co., 1930.

Mahatma Gandhi at Work, by C.F. Andrews. New York: McMillan Co., 1931.

Gandhi, A Study in Revolution, by Geoffrey Ashe. London: Heinemann, 1968.

Vinoba on Gandhi, by Vinoba Bhave.

Gandhi: Theory and Practice, Social Impact and Contemporary Relevance, by S.C. Biswas, Simla: Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, 1969.

Conquest of Violence, by Joan Bondurant. Berkeley: University of California at Berkeley Press, 1965.

Selections from Gandhi, by N.K. Bose. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1948.

Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope, by Judith M. Brown. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1990.

Gandhiji in an Indian Village, by Mahadev Desai. Madras: S. Ganesan, 1927.

Day to Day with Gandhi (9 vols.), by Mahadev Desai. Varanasi: Serva Seva Sangh, 1968 – 1976.

Gandhi Through a Child's Eyes, by Naravan Desai, et al., 1992.

The Political Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, by G.N. Dhawan. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1951.

Satyagraha: Its Technique and Theory, by R.R. Diwakar. Bombay: Hind Kitabs, 1946.

Essays in Gandhian Economics, by Romesh Diwan and Mark Lutz. New Delhi: Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1985.

M.K. Gandhi: An Indian Patriot in South Africa, by J.J. Doke. London: London Indian Chronicle, 1909.

Gandhi, the Man, by Eknath Easwaran, 1978.

Gandhi's Truth, by Eric H. Ericson. New York: Norton, 1969.

The Life of Mahatma Gandhi, by Louis Fischer. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1950.

The Good Boatman: A Portrait of Gandhi, by Rajmohan Gandhi. New Delhi: Viking India, 1995.

The Power of Non-Violence, by Richard B. Gregg. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1938.

The Moral and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi, by Raghavan N. Iyer. New York: Oxford University Press, 1990.

Mahatma Gandhi: An American Profile, by Srimati Kamala, Gandhi Memorial Center, Washington, 1987.

Gandhian Thought, by J.B. Kripalini. Bombay: Orient Longmans, 1961.

Gandhi, His Life and Thought, by J.B. Kripalini. New Delhi: Publications Division of the Government of India, 1975.

Gandhi and the Nuclear Age, by Arne Naess. Totowa: Bedminster Press, 1965.

The Mahatma and the Ism, by E.M.S. Namboodripad. New Delhi: Peoples' Publishing House, 1958.

Mahatma Gandhi, by B.R. Nanda. London: Alien & Unwin, 1958.

Gandhi and His Critics, by B.R. Nanda. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1985.

The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi, by Robert Payne. New York: E.P.Dutton, 1969.

Mahatma Gandhi, by H.S.L. Polak et al. London: Odhams Press, 1949.

Mr. Gandhi: The Man, by Millie Graham Polak. Bombay: Vora & Co., 1950.

The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, by R.K. Prabhu and U.R. Rao, editos. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1967.

The Epic Fast, by Pyarelal. Ahmedabad: Mohanlal Maganlal Bhatt, 1932 .

Mahatma Gandhi: A Biography, by Pyarelal and Sushila Nayar. Ahmedabad: Navajivan, 1997.

Mahatma Gandhi: Essays and Reflections, by Krishnan Radha, editor. London: Allen & Unwin, 1938 .

Radha, Krishnan S., ed., Mahatma Gandhi - 100 Years, by Krishnan S. Radha, editor. New Delhi: Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1968.

The Gandhian Alternative to Western Socialism, by V.K.R.V. Rao. Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1970.

Mahatma Gandhi, by Romian Rolland. London: Alien & Unwin, 1924.

Gandhi as a Political Strategist, by Gene Sharp. Boston: Porter Sargent, 1979.

Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths: Civil Disobedience, Nonviolence, and Satyagraa in the Real World, by Mark Shepard, 2002.

Gandhi: A Memoir, by William Lawrence Shirer. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1979.

Mahatma (eight vols.), by D.G. Tendulkar. New Delhi: Publications Division of the Government of India, 1951 – 1954.

Books on Non-Violence

Gandhi as a Political Strategist, by Gene Sharp, 1965.

Gandhi on Nonviolence, 1964.

Nonviolent Soldier of Islam, by Eknath Easwaram, 2000.

The Politics of Nonviolent Action, by Gene Sharp, 1973.

Radical Pacifism: The WRL (War Resisters League) & Gandhian Nonviolence in America, 1915-1963, by Scott H. Bennett, 2003.

Inconvenient Hero, by Vincent Harding, 1996.


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