Palestine: Toolkits for Activists


It's in the news every day, and it's almost never good news. Whatever your reasons for being concerned with this troubled region, if you're reading this then you have already decided that you want to do something about it.

And you're not alone! The staff at the Global Exchange has put together this helpful three-part toolkit to help with various aspects of pro-peace activism. You can download the electronic version for free using the links below. 

A primer on lobbying, including tips on communicating with members of Congress, a checklist for holding a town hall meeting, and legislative action flyers that you can copy and distribute.
A guide to starting your own campaign to divest from Israel, including tips on researching targets, coalition building, and passing a divestment resolution.
A resource for pro-human rights activists, including advice on organizing a demonstration, tips on hosting a house party, and how-to guides to help with press releases, letters to the editor, and media advisories.
For additional information on the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, visit our Economic Activism for Palestine Program.