Peru: Get Involved

Get involved with these organizations and campaigns in Peru
ACORN International is building community organizations of low-income families, and partnering with grassroots organizations outside of the United States. ACORN International aims to strengthen democratic movements for social change, as well as build connections between community-based organizations across borders and cultures.
AnNGO working for sustainable development in the protected natural area (ANP) of the reserve of the Cotahuasi Sub-basin, south of Peru. The ultimate aims of AEDES are both local sustainable development and the improvement of the population’s standard of living. In order to achieve them AEDES mainly works to stimulate ecotourism and to develop exports of bioagricultural products.
Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research - Research and education in the Amazon through various facilities, nature tours and partnership and outreach programs for secondary schools and students of West Chester University of PA. Offer some products such as videos and tee shirts.
Amazon Watch supports Peruvian indigenous organizations challenging oil and gas development projects imposed on their communities and territories without their prior consent in violation of their rights.
Living museum of the Peruvian Andes. Preserves the South American camel and recovers the high-quality Andean textile. Available for visits and textile sales.
"Our goal is to work within the existing socio-economic structure to foster change. By supporting women coffee growers, we improve the quality of life in the entire community and build a sustainable economic system."
CONACAMI, the National Coordinator of Communities Affected by Mining, a national organization with 16 regional coordinating bodies.
Established in 1997 Assists local communities in the protection of the environment. Provides legal assistance and trains people how to monitor the environment, and document the damage being done to build stronger cases for compensation.
Founded in 1981, the National Federation of Potable Water Workers, a national network of local unions representing workers at water processing plants across the country. FENTAP has developed a national strategy to oppose efforts to privatize the water industry in 13 districts across the country.
Promotes urban agriculture as a means of food security, income and environmental development. Helps communities in Lima develop hydroponic gardens.
CIP seeks to reduce poverty and achieve food security on a sustained basis in developing countries through scientific research and related activities on potato, sweet potato, other root and tuber crops, and on the improved management of natural resources in the Andes and other mountain areas.
Since 1978 have worked to develop fair trade through a network of organizations in Peru through research and training.
Conservation of rainforest through three areas: Habitat protection, wildlife monitoring and protection and sustainable development.
Supports fair trade products from Peru in Canada and the US. Developing a responsible tourism site.
SKIP is nonprofit organization, registered in the UK and the US, helping disadvantaged children to realize their right to an education.