South Africa

What is the legacy of Nelson Mandela? Find out why South Africa has inspired so much hope in the world. The transformation from racist pariah state to a leading democratic nation has been a marvel of our time. Our delegation goes beyond the safari-kitch of African tourism.

On our alternative, socially responsible tour, you will explore the troubling history of this complex country, discover its diverse people and cultures and learn about their struggle to build a unified nation.
You will also confront the many challenges that remain:
  • What has been achieved under the new government?
  • Can HIV/AIDS and poverty be overcome?
  • What is the status of human rights 15 years after the abolition of apartheid?
  • Has democracy transformed social relations?
You will have the chance to understand these issues and more through the eyes of regular South Africans both formally and informally and meet with organizations and individuals who are transforming the nation.

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