Caterpillar is an American firm, which manufactures and provides bulldozers and civil engineering tools. It sells bulldozers to the Israeli army to be weaponised and used in the systematic demolition of homes and civilian infrastructure, as part of the Israeli army's doctrine of urban warfare. The Caterpillar supply chain to the Israeli army is separate from other sales to Israel, and is covered under U.S. military aid to Israel. Caterpillar bulldozers have been used in war crimes in South Lebanon, in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip. They have also been used to demolish Palestinian homes in the West Bank as an arbitrary punitive measure and to build the Separation Wall and illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

People of conscience all around the world, including its own shareholders, have called upon Caterpillar to live up to its Code of Business Conduct, which states, "Caterpillar accepts the responsibilities of global citizenship. Wherever we conduct business or invest our resources around the world, we know that our commitment to financial success must also take into account social priorities."