Part of the MotoEagle surveillance system designed to control Palestinian movement. This picture was taken from the outside of an Israeli settlement (Atniel) in the West Bank. 

Motorola Solutions is an electronics and telecommunication corporation that split off of Motorola Inc. in 2011. The company’s Israeli subsidiary is responsible for developing a specialized motion-detection “virtual fences” system for illegal West Bank settlements, a system specifically used for the annexation of vast areas and the restriction of Palestinian movement.

Motorola Israel has also developed a mobile communication system for the Israeli Army, used by patrolling units in the occupied territory. Another Motorola department, responsible for producing electronic bomb fuses for the Israeli army, was sold off in 2009, which can be attributed to the global campaign against Motorola’s involvement in the occupation. We are asking Motorola Solutions to stop aiding Israel’s illegal settlements and annexation of Palestinian land, and stop its collaboration with the Israeli Army’s crimes in the occupation of Palestine.