Take Action: Hewlett-Packard

  • Boycott HP!
    Join the efforts of The Coalition to Stop HP, a grassroots campaign that is calling on HP to cancel its contracts with the Israeli state that violate international law and Palestinians' human rights. Sign their petition to boycott HP products, or if you are able to endorse as an organization. If you already have an HP laptop, have no fear! Boycott HP ink cartridges (see alternatives here) and save money at the same time.

  • Educate the public!
    Make fliers, postcards, pamphlets, stickers, and other materials to spread the word about how HP supports the Israeli occupation, Israeli war crimes, and human rights violations. Attend town meetings, write letters, organize demonstrations, and participate in speaking events in your schools, churches and other community groups.


  • Exclude HP from Public Contracts

In some cases, companies can and should be excluded from bidding for a public contract, or being awarded one, on ethical grounds, or on the grounds of grave misconduct. A first step can be asking local municipalities, schools, churches and communities, what contracts it has with HP and when they terminate or are up for renewal. Many universities and businesses are not bound by transparency requirements, but provide avenues to this information willingly to those invested in their operations. Additionally, local governments are required to be transparent with contract information. Even if your council has no contract with HP, or only a long term one, you can ask for HP to be excluded from all future contracts until all related illegal activity ends. 

A company selling consumer goods is very sensitive to its public image and cannot afford to be associated publicly with war crimes and ethnic segregation. Campaign methods may include organized consumer boycotts of specific products, presentations at official municipality meetings, local township meetings, media work, petitions, demonstrations, and presenting legal challenges to local contracts the company might have with schools, communities and towns with the help of legal counsel. For example, the Sydney council has voted to boycott HP products due to their connections with Israel. 


  • Divest from HP
    Managers of mutual funds, personal or church funds, and socially responsible investment funds can be asked not to invest in HP. Companies, universities and local officials need to consider the effect on their reputation of doing business with a company like HP, complicit in crimes of the occupation and breaches of international law.

    The United Methodist Church Kairos Response has issued a report supporting their earlier resolution to divest from companies supporting the Israeli occupation, such as HP. A committee of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has also issued a report recommending Hewlett-Packard be added to the General Assembly's divestment list. Universities are also in the forefront of the divestment movement. UC Irvine, Earlham College, University of Toronto (Canada), and York University (Canada), have each started divestment campaigns against several companies involved in the occupation, including HP.