Take Action: Motorola Solutions

The initiatives described below can aid in your own attempt to conduct corporate accountability campaigns and educate the public about Motorola’s complicity in Israel's war crimes. We have also included links to groups conducting divestment campaigns against Motorola; their strategies and reasons for targeting this company can aid in your own educational and corporate accountability campaigns.

  • Educate the public!
    Make fliers, postcards, pamphlets, stickers, and other materials to spread the word about how Motorola Solutions abets illegal settlements as well as Israeli war crimes and violations of Palestinian human rights. Attend town meetings, write letters, organize demonstrations, and participate in speaking events in your schools, churches and other community groups. At the end of this page are tools that may be useful in your campaign.
  • Corporate Accountability Initiatives
    Corporations need to be held accountable for their complicity in the occupation and Israel’s crimes. Many groups have decided to engage with companies such as Motorola Solutions as a first step before boycott or divestment initiatives. For instance, The Presbyterian Church has initiated a process of corporate engagement with select companies, including Motorola.
    Campaign methods include letter writing, contacting local municipalities, presentations at local township meetings, involving the media, petitions, demonstrations, and presenting legal challenges with the help of legal counsel. At the end of this page are tools that may be useful in your campaign.
  • Divestment Initiatives
    Managers of mutual funds, personal or church funds and socially responsible investment funds can be asked not to invest in Motorola Solutions. Companies, universities and local officials need to consider the effect on their reputation of doing business with a company like Motorola, complicit in crimes of the occupation and breaches of international law.

    In some cases, companies can and should be excluded from bidding for a public contract, or being awarded one, on ethical grounds, or the grounds of grave misconduct. A first step can be asking local municipalities, schools, churches and communities, what contracts it has with Motorola Solutions and when they terminate or are up for renewal. Many universities and businesses are not bound by transparency requirements, but provide avenues to this information willingly to those invested in their operations. Additionally, local governments are required to be transparent with contract information.

    The United Methodist Church has issued a report supporting their earlier resolution to divest from companies supporting the Israeli occupation. Motorola is one of the companies included as part of their recommendation for divestment. Jewish Voice for Peace has also created a campaign, We Divest, calling for one of the largest financial services organizations in the US, TIAA-CREF, to divest from companies such as Motorola.

    Universities are also in the forefront of the divestment movement. Hampshire College has divested; Carleton University (Canada) has launched a divestment campaign; and the University of Arizona has launched a divestment campaign.
    Other groups calling for divestment or boycotts against Motorola Solutions are the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation and the New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel. The U.S. Campaign specifically has multiple resources related to divestment and shareholder activism.
  • Tools
    Jewish Voice for Peace has created a factsheet on Motorola and the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation has links to multiple tools, such as fliers, handbills, postcard pledges, factsheets, letters, and resources on divestment and shareholder activism.