Why Target Motorola?

MotoEagle Surveillance
96 Motorola Solutions Israel is selling and servicing the MotoEagle Surveillance System, a virtual fences system of radars, thermal cameras and communication, specifically designed to control Palestinian movement in vast “special security zones” surrounding Israeli settlements. Palestinians are barred from these zones, even on private Palestinian land, thus confiscating more land for Israeli settlements.

The system is currently installed in about 25 illegal settlements, including Thko'a, Nokdim, Otniel, Beit Hagai, Eli, Rehelim, Tapu'ach, Mechora, Elon More, Talmon, and the company is still selling more. This system is also used at the illegal Separation Wall, the wall around Gaza, and military bases. Motorola Solutions is therefore complicit in the dispossession of Palestinian residents of the West Bank, in the violation of their freedom of movement, and in the ongoing expansion of illegal Israeli settlements.

Other Services to the Military
Motorola Solutions has provided the Israeli military with the “Mountain Rose” communication system, a mobile phone system for field operations, used by soldiers operating in the occupied West Bank. Motorola Solutions has the exclusive contract to provide the military with encrypted mobile phone technology.