Action: Occupy Wall Street West

When & Where
San Francisco Financial District
January 19, 2012 - 4:00pm
Friday, January 20, 2012
San Francisco Financial District
of the Wall St. banks & corporations attacking our communities, homes, education, environment, livelihood, and democracy
  • A day of mass action centered in the SF Financial District involving mass occupation, mobilization, nonviolent direct action and disobedience.
  • We ask people, groups, movements and communities from San Francisco, the Bay Area and across California to self-organize and take action with us to disrupt business-as-usual—either at a bank or corporation where you are drawn to act or at one initiated by other participants.
  • Many ways to participate without risk of arrest!
  • There will be an all-day orientation site at Bradley Manning/Justin Herman Plaza where unaffiliated folks can get information, including where and how to plug into actions, with mobilization times at 6:00 am (Wall St. West starts when Wall St. East starts!), 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm.
  • We call on the Occupy movements and the 99% across the region to join us.
  • To end corporate personhood! Corporations are NOT people; Money is NOT speech. January 20th is the anniversary eve of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which further privileged corporations over people in our Constitution.
  • To expose how Wall St. operates in our midst, attacking our communities, homes, livelihoods, education, environment, democracy, and health.
  • To demand that banks stop foreclosing on our neighbors and evicting them from their homes for profit.
  • To contribute to ongoing community fights for social and economic justice against banks and corporations.
  • To build and mobilize a broad-based, strategic mass movement asserting the people power of the 99% in San Francisco, the Bay Area, California and the region.


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