Book Talk: Lettuce Wars - Ten Years of Work & Struggle in the Fields of California

When & Where
Cafe Infoshop
935 F Street
Fresno, CA
September 21, 2013 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Vickie Fouts

Book Discussion and Book Signing with author Bruce Neuburger.

Bruce is a former farmworker, longtime radical political activist, GI organizer, movement newspaper writer and editor, cab driver, and, for the past twenty-five years, adult school and community college teacher.

Donations at the door appreciated.

“This book is part memoir, part history. It is an effort to bring to life some of the workers and activists with whom I shared those years, as well as to place this struggle in the broader social and political context in which it emerged and unfolded. It is an effort to reveal the mainsprings of a movement whose influence is still present today, 40 years later. And, finally, it is an effort to reveal (in the Epilogue) some of what is going on in the fields today and what that might tell us about the limits of reform.” - Bruce Neuburger