Convention: Africa Fairtrade Convention 2012

When & Where
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,
November 1, 2012 (All day) - November 5, 2012 (All day)

By offering an alternative approach to trade, Fairtrade supports producers in securing better deals, contributing to greater sustainable development in Africa. Nevertheless, African producers are still regarded as the least influential in the value chain, earning significantly less than other actors. Farmers and workers need to overcome major constraints to strengthen their position in the value chain. The Africa Fairtrade Convention puts African small-scale farmers and workers at the centre of this empowerment debate.

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Topics which will be discussed during the Africa Fairtrade Convention 2012 include:

  • Who controls the value chain?
  • What is the role of cooperatives? What can they learn from hired labour – and vice versa?
  • How can producers increase their access to finance to improve their participation in the value chain?
  • What tools are available through which producers can strengthen their position? What partnerships should they engage in?
  • And how can Fairtrade further contribute to ensure producer voices are heard by the other actors in the value chain?
  • After editions in Zimbabwe (2010) and Ghana (2011), the third AFC will be hosted in Eastern Africa. The rotational nature of the event ensures total participation of producers across the continent. Due to Ethiopia’s large agricultural population, its rapid economic growth rate and its significance in several Fairtrade supply chains, Addis Ababa was selected as the conference city of this year’s edition.