Film & Discussion: Amal's Garden & My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser

When & Where
Small Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
December 5, 2013 - 7:00pm
Nadia Shihab


SF Bay Area Premiere! Shot in northern Iraq and Lebanon, "Amal's Garden" and "My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser" are intimate documentaries and family portraits that made their debut at the Dubai International Film Festival last year.

Screening  includes a short Q&A with director Nadia Shihab.

Amal's Garden
Amal and Mustafa have shared a long life together in northern Iraq. When Amal decides to finally renovate their home after a decade of war, Mustafa retreats to the garden, where he encounters the curious gaze of his grandniece and her camera. An intimate snapshot of life at the boundary of destruction and renewal, AMAL’S GARDEN is the unexpected portrait of one Turkmen couple moving forward in a new Iraq. (Directed by Nadia Shihab, Iraq, 33 min)

My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser
Moustapha is in his late 70’s. He suffers from a sleeping disorder and is a poet, belonging to a past generation. His daughter comes to visit regularly. She films the life, poetry, memory surrounding her father after the death of her mother... In the intimacy of the father’s whispered revelations, she tries to find answers to questions she never dared to ask. (Directed by Farah Kassem, Lebanon, 33 min)