Film & Discussion: "Gaza-strophe - Palestine"

When & Where
2969 Mission Street [btwn 25th & 26th Streets]
San Francisco, CA 94110
November 28, 2012 - 7:00pm
415 821 6545
Join us for a film showing of “Gaza-strophe-Palestine”  and discussion of the current U.S.-backed Israeli siege of Gaza. Learn how you can get involved in upcoming actions for Gaza.

Filmmakers Samir Abdallah & Khéridine Mabrouk entered Gaza on January 20, 2009, just after the ceasefire of the brutal Israeli invasion of Gaza nearly four years ago. The three-week-long land, sea and air assault on the Palestinian residents of Gaza resulted in 1,440 Palestinian deaths—including 926 civilians—and over 5,000 wounded and thousands of homes destroyed. Along with friends from a Palestinian Human Rights delegation, the filmmakers documented the stories of dozens of witnesses enabling them to understand the extent of the Palestinian nightmare.
Just as in 2008-9, the 2012 attack on Gaza immediately followed the U.S. presidential election. After getting the go-ahead from the Obama administration in a meeting at the White House on Nov. 12, Israel has launched another massive air assault against the Palestinian people in Gaza. Israeli troops have been assembled at the border and are poised to invade Gaza again.
In an act designed to provoke a wider war, missiles from Israel assassinated a top Hamas official and killed and wounded many others as its planes and warships struck targets all over Gaza in an ongoing assault. Reports of the bombardment of Gaza are continuing as bodies, including those of children, are being brought to the hospital and morgue.

$5-10 donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Wheelchair accessible. Refreshments provided.