Film & Discussion: The World According to Monsanto

When & Where
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street between Telegraph and Broadway
Oakland, CA
October 31, 2012 (All day)
510 681 8699

How much outrage can a single multinational corporation inspire? How much damage can they inflict? This breathtaking film features a company that sets the new standard. From Iowa to Paraguay, from England to India, Monsanto is uprooting our food supply and replacing it with their patented genetically engineered creations. And along the way, farmers, communities, and nature become collateral damage. Perhaps this critical film opens our eyes just in time. It’s the work of Marie-Monique Robin whose three years of work on four continents exposes why Monsanto has become the world’s poster child for malignant corporate influence in government and technology. Monsanto is the company that brought us saccharin, Agent Orange, bovine growth harmone rBGH, Roundup herbicide, PCBs, Bt cotton, and genetically modified corn, rice, and soybeans. Combining secret documents with accounts by victims, scientists, and policy makers, Robin guides us through a web of misleading reports, pressure tactics, collusion, and corruption. We learn how the company systematically tricked governments into allowing dangerous genetically modified foods into our diet — with Monsanto in charge of determining if they’re safe. Monsanto’s history with some of the most toxic chemicals ever produced is shown alongside its history of deception upon deception in high places.

This film is brought to us by California Right to Know – campaigning for the passage of Proposition 37 (labeling GM foods sold in California) offered in our November ballots, to be voted on November 6.

Wheelchair accessible around the corner at  411  28th  Street

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