Fundraiser: My CPE Valentine!

When & Where
Sunrise Restaurant
3126 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
February 14, 2013 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
415 431 1918

Centuries ago, a determined St. Valentine refused the war machine of his time by marrying couples in defiance of Roman Emperor Claudius II, who had banned marriage in fear that married soldiers would not want to go to battle.  This valiant act of civil disobedience is what we really celebrate each February 14th.
This Valentine’s Day, join us in celebrating the legacy of the rebellious St. Valentine by showing some love for the CPE and the many people who have contributed countless time and energy over the years.  Collective members, collaborators, allies, and attendees have played crucial roles in sustaining the unique space for Left movement-building that the CPE provides.  
 Sunrise Restaurant will be serving up delicious Salvadoran foos and is donating 10% from all sales that night to CPE.  We will also have music provided by Francisco Herrera and DJ Eric Brewer Cuentos, Valentine's cookies, and a short program to honor some of CPE’s co-founders and/or long-time collective contributors Eric Quezada, Huli Milanese, John Trinkl, Diana Valentine, Lili Farhang, and many more. Featuring a special recognition of long time—but departing—collective members Michelle Foy and Fernando Marti.  Plus, exciting updates about CPE’s current work, future plans, and the launch of CPE’s Monthly Sustainer Program—yet another way that you can show love for the CPE!  See you there!