Host a Speaker

Hosting a Global Exchange speaker is a great way to educate and activate students and community members in your area. Our speakers travel throughout the country, speaking with diverse communities building national movements and grassroots power.
If you would like to host a speaker, please contact the speaker directly. Follow this link to view speaker's bios and retrieve their contact information.
You are responsible for working with the speakers to plan a successful and informative event. When you contact the speaker, please provide the following information:
*Program: The program for a speaking event generally includes a talk followed by Q&A. Some speakers may also wish to be involved in local radio shows, rallies or demonstrations, book signings, or discussion groups. Many local hosts give a reception for the speaker before or after the event.
*Topic: What would you like them to speak on? What is the context of their talk?
*Audience: Who will be in the audience? How many people will be in the audience?
*Logistics: Will you be able to cover all travel, lodging and expenses for the speaker? Will you arrange for these or should the speaker?
*Honorarium: What amount are you able to provide in terms of honorarium? (Keep in mind that most of our speakers receive an honorarium of around $1000 while some need more and some need less, based on their own situation and where they are located. Almost all of the speakers will require an honorarium to cover their time.
Best of luck in all your future speaking events! Thank you for your support!