Panel Discussion: A Decade of Displacement: The Housing Wars of the 1990s Revisited - Bay Area Radical Histo

When & Where
1714 Telegraph
Oakland, CA
October 22, 2013 - 7:00pm


Throughout the 1990s, Bay Area activists confronted the first wave of displacement on multiple fronts, ranging from direct action to grassroots electoral uprisings. Despite some impressive organizing victories, the overall war against gentrification was lost. Join Fernando Marti (ex-Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition) and James Tracy (ex-Eviction Defense Network) in a discussion about what it takes to fight for a city from below. The stories of squatters, home-defenders, populist politicians,land reformers and public housing residents will be told through a slideshow presentation of protest posters from the era. Together we will explore ideas confronting today’s antagonists of displacement:

With Real Estate Industry strategies tied to global investment patterns, is there any such thing as a local solution to displacment?
Is it possible to combine Direct Action and engagement in the local electoral process?
Is land-reform in the global city even possible?