Panel Discussion: Making Change Make Money- Marrying Financial Health & Doing Good

When & Where
One PacificCoast Bank
1438 Webster St #100
Oakland, CA 94612
April 2, 2014 - 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Angi Roberts
408 266 9658 x11


How do business leaders create financially healthy organizations that also do good in the world?

As interest in social impact grows within the business community - and as nonprofits look to new revenue models to stabilize funding - this is a burning question for many. Only a few years ago, ideas around mixing money and mission seemed revolutionary - and banks treated them as such, funding them as charity projects rather than viable borrowers.

Today, it's a different picture. There are many organizations in our midst that successfully mix mission and profit, as well as a handful of funders who share their vision. The Association for Strategic Planning will feature a conversation with three women innovators who excel at bringing this blend to life, sharing their unique journeys toward successful businesses that embrace both community impact and healthy bottom lines.

Our Panelists:
* Kat Taylor, cofounder and CEO at One PacificCoast Bank, a triple-bottom line for-profit bank and Certified B Corp, owned by a nonprofit foundation
* Dr. Barbara Bunn McCullough, Executive Director at Brighter Beginnings, a local nonprofit serving low income children and families
* Lisa Gelfand, founder and managing principal at Gelfand Partners Architects, a Certified B Corp sustainable architecture firm focusing on schools, affordable housing, and civic facilities

From this Session, you will learn:
* The details of these organizations' distinctive business and revenue models, and how they align with positive community impact.
* How the panelists came to develop these innovative financial and social sustainability strategies.
* Panelists' thoughts and guidance on how to develop blended financial, social, and environmental business models.  

Early online registration: $10 members, affiliates; $5 students, $15 non-members; price increases at the door.