Protest Demonstration: Occupy the Chevron Refinery!

When & Where
Chevron Refinery
Macdonald Ave
Richmond, CA 94806
October 3, 2012 - 3:00pm
Jose Lopez / David Sharples

On Monday August 6 at about 6:30pm the Chevron refinery in Richmond Ca had a major Explosion sending a dark Toxic Mushroom cloud over the city. thousands of Richmond residents became ill and many where went to the hospitals with many different symptoms especially respiratory problems. the negligence of Chevron Caused this explosion they had let a pipe corrode so much that it became as thin as a Penney causing a leak which caused the explosion.

In the Wake of the Chevron refinery Explosion thousands of Richmond residents ended up in the hospital. Now Chevron Thinks they can spread around a little bit of Money and Get off easy. well we the residents of Richmond are fed up with Chevron failing to put the safety of it's workers and Richmond residents first. Chevron needs to be held accountable for the harm they have done to our community. We the people of Richmond demand the fallowing from Chevron.

  1. Community compensation
  2. install the Air quality Monitoring system now
  3. Worker and Public safety first
  4. reduce emissions or zero emissions.
  5. Pay your fair share of taxes.

We will Begin the March at Richmond Bart station at 3:00pm have a small rally then March down Macdonald Ave to Washington Park in Point Richmond where we will have a second meeting point for those who don't want to March from the Bart then we will head over to the Richmond Chevron Refinery and have a Mass rally at 5:00pm.

3:00pm Richmond Bart meet up at Richmond Bart station
Macdonald ave and 16st
4:00pm for those who don't or can't march from the Bart station we have a second meeting place Washington Park 110 E Richmond Ave
Richmond corner of Gerard Blvd cutting blvd
5:00pm we have a mass Rally at the gates of the Chevron refinery.


Endorsed by ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment), APEN (Asian Pacific Environmental Network), CBE (Communities for a Better Environment), Occupy Richmond, Occupy Berkeley, Occupy Oakland Environmental Justice Committee, RPA (Richmond Progressive Alliance), UNA (United Native Americans), West County Toxics Coalition

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