Rally: No Tar Sands Round Dance

When & Where
Consulate General of Canada
580 California Street #14
San Francisco, CA 94104
September 9, 2013 - 8:00am - 1:00pm


The First Nations peoples, and all people in the sacrifice zone in Alberta, and increasingly beyond, are REALLY suffering. Every day is another disaster for everyone there; First Nations people are simply stepping up as the spearhead for all human beings in the sacrifice zone. For First Nations people in particular, damages include: Loss of livelihood; poisoning; cancer; damaged and sick children. Our goal is to make that stop, as soon as humanly possible. (Which I take to I mean, no more tar sands leases as of now; quickly wind down tar sands mining and steam drilling; treat and/or sequester the wastewater; restore the devastated region to the extent possible; and reparations for all affected.)

This is all in support of Idle No More in the tar sands area in
Alberta and Idle No More - Bay Area. (Idle No More on the ground in Canada counts Idle No More-Bay Area and Idle No More-Gulf Coast as their two best supporters!) So, stop Keystone XL, to start winding down tar sands "development" and start pulling the tentacles of the oil companies from around humanity's neck. Secondary focus on climate change/Do the Math.

- 8am Gather, round dance.
- 8:45 Block doors
- 8:45-9:30 Non-violent Direct Action (you must attend training)
- 9:30 Programming 1. Round dance; one or two speakers
- 11am Programming 2. Repeat: round dance; one or two speakers
- 11:30-1pm. Leafletting.
- 1pm. Gather and goodbyes.