Afnan Al-Hashimi

Afnan began speaking publicly at the age of 12. In October 2006, she received the prestigious Canadian Islamic Congress Community Youth Award in recognition for her continued efforts in speaking up against the atrocities committed against Muslim nations. She spoke at a number of peace rallies, where thousands demonstrated in downtown Toronto.

Afnan does not limit herself to political issues. She speaks on a variety of economic and social topics as well. She is specializing in Economics & Public Policy at the University of Toronto. Her specific field of pursuit is comparative politics. Well travelled, Afnan brings insights into the “East vs. West” dichotomy. From a family of acclaimed religious scholars (Al-Sadr), as well as an avid student of history herself, she has a unique prescience regarding the age-old question of “church vs. state”. Having a special interest in the role of faith and education in the development of societies.

Topics covered
  • Inside Iraq: Accounts from an Iraqi Refugee
  • Iraq & US Foreign Policy


If you would like to plan a speaking event with Afnan, please email her at afnana [at] with "Speaking Request 512" in the subject line.