Corina Nolet

Corina Nolet is a Seattle, Washington native who began her journey at Global Exchange in 2007. She is currently the Reality Tours Director.  
Prior to coming to Global Exchange Corina attended Humboldt State University, The University of Central America in Nicaragua, and California State University Eastbay where she received her Bachelors Degree in International Relations and Environmental Science. While at Humboldt State, Corina was the lead community organizer for the Indian Natural Resource, Science and Engineering Program where she worked with local Indian reservations to raise awareness around issues of environmental racism, nuclear waste and uranium mining. Additionally, she spent a year living in Nicaragua where she worked with women at a Reproductive Rights Center in Managua and a Garifuna Women’s education center in Orinoco, Nicaragua.  
In her downtime Corina enjoys exploring in the Sequoia National Park, coaching basketball and working in her garden.  
Topics of work
  • Socially Responsible Travel 
  • US/Mexico/Central America:  free trade/fair trade
  • Venezuela Community Development