Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins is cofounder and CEO of the Food Revolution Network, which is mobilizing 100,000+ members for healthy, sustainable, humane and delicious food.  Ocean serves as adjunct professor in Chapman University’s Peace Studies Department, and is co-author with his father and colleague, John Robbins, of Voices of the Food Revolution: You Can Heal Your Body and Your World with Food!.  He co-founded Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!)at age 16, and directed the organization for 20 years. Ocean has spoken in person to more than 200,000 people and facilitated hundreds of gatherings for leaders from 65+ nations.  His many awards include the Freedom's Flame Award, the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, and the Harmon Wilkinson Award for distinguished contribution to the humanities and social sciences.  Ocean is the father of special needs twins born in 2001, and a spokesperson for a relationship-centered approach to autism treatment

Learn more at oceanrobbins.com and at www.foodrevolution.org


Topics covered
Connecting the dots – linking movements for sustainability, peace, social justice, and human rights, and also between inner and outer change.
Being a good global citizen — what you can do to walk lightly and healthfully on the earth, including consumption choices, food choices, lifestyle choices, social interactions, and more.
The power of partnership — how we can build authentic partnerships across historic divides. Leveraging privilege for social change — how we can unleash all that we have, and all that we are, on behalf of all that we love.
When hope takes a stand — living with purpose and passion in challenging times.
The greatest story in the world — inspiring stories of a global movement for healing and transformation, and of people who are changing the world for the better.
Founding an organization, making a difference — the work of YES! and some of the key ingredients in the organization’s 20 years of success.
If you are interested in arranging an event with Ocean Robbins, please contact him through his website at http://www.oceanrobbins.com/ or send an email to: ocean [at] yesworld.org