Speaking Event: Activism, Liberation and the Fight Against Racism

When & Where
The Sol Collective
2574 21st Street
July 3, 2013 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
ANSWER Coalition Sacramento
916 572 9680

We invite you to join us in this event that will include a presentation by Greg Thomas a renowned associate professor of rhetoric at Syracuse University!

Millions of people are struggling to find jobs, pay for housing, and obtain access to basic services. Youth and people of color are two of the hardest hit groups. With the rising cost of public education, the lack of good-paying jobs and mounting debt that cannot be paid off, young people are finding that their education cannot guarantee them a dignified future under this economy.

Communities of color, particularly Black and Latino people, face institutionalized racism and oppression in many forms, including increasing incarceration as well as violence or even death in the hands of police. The role of the state in preserving these injustices prevents us from finding real liberation.

We invite you to learn why it is necessary for us to participate in the movements against oppression, how to organize to fight back, and how to bring different communities together to achieve real liberation.