Speaking Event: Evolution Today - Current State of Knowledge and Contoversies

When & Where
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street [between Telegarph & Broadway]
Oakland, CA
February 24, 2013 - 1:30pm
510 681 8699

Join us to celebrate Darwin Day!  Charles Darwin was born on February 12 but we will be celebrating his birthday February 24.  This will be a grand celebration featuring three renown speakers and a potluck banquet! 

Our featured speakers are:

George Smoot with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics

Peter Hess with the National Center for Science Education
Leading Expert on Darwin

David Seaborg with the World Rainforest Fund
Leading Expert on Evolutionary Theory Today

David Seaborg, expert on Darwin himself as well as a distinguished, cutting-edge evolutionary biologist, will deliver the keynote power point presentation on current evolutionary theory:  Evolution Today: Current State of Knowledge and Controversies.  He will cover what is known today as well as the unsolved problems and controversies.  He will be dressed up as Charles Darwin and impersonating him in an exciting and entertaining performance!  After his talk, David will show us fossils and live animals that illustrate evolutionary principles and he will allow us to hold them — only if we want to!  Then David will facilitate a Q&A discussion about evolution wherein we will have the chance to share what Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution — and the controversy with creationists concerning its teaching — mean to each of us, sharing how these things affect our lives. 

Finally, enjoy a potluck dinner party with speakers and audience alike!  Bring a scrumptious dish to share — no assigned dishes.  Meet the illustrious speakers and all the interesting celebrants of Darwin Day — indulge in conversations all around.  Everyone is encouraged to ask these experts all the questions on their minds!  We look forward to seeing you at Humanist Hall, Sunday, the 24th!

Humanist Hall is wheelchair accessible around the corner at  411  28th  Street

$5 donations are accepted