Speaking Event: Gavin Raders & Katrina Zavalney

When & Where
Mt. Diablo Peace Center
55 Eckley Lane
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
September 5, 2013 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Sergio Lub
925 933 7850

Potluck dinner followed with a presentation by community organizers who through Planting Justice and Transform Your Yard have already built nearly 200 urban gardens in 6 bay area counties bringing healthy organic food and meaningful living-wage jobs.

Gavin Raders is a co-founder and Executive Director of Planting Justice, a social justice activist, and a permaculture demonstrator/teacher. He dedicates his time to practicing permaculture wherever he can, having gone through extensive training with some of the most inspiring and effective permaculture teachers in the world.

Gavin studied cultural anthropology at UC Berkeley, and organized on a range of anti-war, anti-nuclear, environmental and human rights issues both on campus and off. He has knocked on nearly 30,000 doors in California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada as a community organizer with Peace Action West.  Gavin comes to permaculture and ecological design through a social justice framework which recognizes the right of all people to peace, security, housing, healthy food, clean water, jobs and healthcare, and the rights of future generations to a just and livable world.

With a brand new baby in my family, my wife and I can’t help but worry even more about the kind of world we are leaving to our children. But we won’t let these worries immobilize us. On the contrary, we are driven all the more to use our gifts, and do whatever we can in however small of ways, to bring more joy, peace, and justice into the people and world around us. We trust fully that the ripple effects of our actions extend far out in ways we’ll never know, and create their own ripple effects. In concert with millions and millions of interconnected global justice activists, and with the help of Nature, we are creating the world we wish to see.

Katrina is a change agent with a Masters in Organization Development from Sonoma State University and the VP of the board for Planting Justice as well as on the board for the Strong Foundation for Environmental Values. With 15 years of experience, she is skilled in community development, facilitation, and sustainable event management. She is known as a connector and educator in the sustainability network at large, and for her can-do attitude. She has worked in various capacities from business infrastructure formation, to general coordination for various organizations and events. Most recently Katrina worked with Disney assisting with internal communications for the Environmental Policies and resources to aid in these activities, most notably the Paper Policy in 2012. Katrina has a high level of enthusiasm and loves to find creative solutions to challenges. Katrina currently lives in Oakland, CA and consults with non-profits to become more efficient and effective in upholding their mission. She also is a youth leader for a rites of passage program for middle school girls with Stepping Stones. Katrina has been a permaculturist for many years and loves stacking functions and beatifying spaces with a practical, edible touch – and loves learning about the incredible healing power of plants studying herbalism whenever she gets a chance to dive in.

Planting Justice (PJ) is an innovator and leader in the health justice, food justice, and sustainable urban agriculture movements. Our programs create tangible and scalable solutions to health inequities in our community through highly effective activities that improve community wellness by empowering urban residents to grow their own healthy food and build community, while creating living-wage career opportunities for people with barriers to employment in our communities.