Speaking Event: GMO Talk by Chris Kanthan

When & Where
Resource Center for Non-Violence
612 Ocean Street
Santa Cruz,
June 30, 2013 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
831 818 87548

An important opportunity to understand the dangers and health risks of GMOs, and the far reaching and disturbing
effects of Monsanto on our health and eco-system.

6:30-7 Mohammed & Nabil from AZA will perform music on the oud
7:00-8 Chris’ talk
8-8:30 / 9 Q&A

• What is a GMO, how is it developed?
• Is it a solution to world problems?
• What is it doing to our ecosystem and biodiversity all over the world?
• What are the known health risks and relationship to chronic diseases?
• Who is Monsanto and how did they get to be so powerful?
• Why is Monsanto considered to be such an evil company?
• What are Roundup and Agent Orange?
• What can we do to have a meaningful impact?
After about an hour of talk, there will be Q&A. Handouts of
talking points will be available for the audience to take home.

CHRIS KANTHAN lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to more than
30 countries, and deeply cares about politics, finance and food. He has degrees in
Physics and Engineering with a minor in Economics (and, just for fun, a diploma in
Paralegal). His articles on various topics can be found online at Fog City Journal.

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