Speaking Event: Native American Idle No More - Presentation by Wes Elliot

When & Where
Sol Collective
2574 21st Street
Sacramento, CA
March 13, 2013 - 7:00pm
916 736 3738

Originating in Canada, the Idle No More Movement has captured news headlines and the imagination of activists across the world. Activist Wes Elliott will explain its origins in recent events and long-term activism. The talk will include ways that both pan-native and political allies (Latinos, grass-root organizations, leftists, environmentalists, and other indigenous causes, including for Palestinian rights, are linked and can support each other.)

Elliott lives on the Haudenosaunee Six Nations reserve, is a member of the Men’s Fire, and serves as a Land Defender. He is a part of the Haudenosaunee negotiating team with Canada and Ontario. He has spoken on numerous panels dealing with native and environmental issues. He has been involved in recovering a disputed treaty site, served as a part of the Peace Convoy from Six Nations sent to aid the Akwesasne in a protest against armed Canadian border guards on their land. He served as a magistrate of conscience on the 2012 Tribunal of the Cuban 5 in Toronto. Recently he participated in the Haudenosaunee shutdown of four development sites violating treaty land. He is an Idle No More (INM) activist who has never been idle.

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