Speaking Event: A Presentation About the Trans-Pacific Partnership

When & Where
Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo
300 E. Santa Inez
San Mateo, CA 94401
November 24, 2013 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Mike Caggiano
650 342 8244


Free Trade's Newest Threat - The Trans Pacific Partnership and What We Can Do to Stop It

Peace Action of San Mateo County will again turn its attention to the undue and negative influence of corporations on our public interest. We will focus on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), now in the midst of ongoing negotiations among a number of countries who would be a part of it. Our guest speaker will be Carleen Pickard, Managing Director of the San Francisco-based organization Global Exchange.

The TPP is poised to become the largest free trade agreement in U.S. (and probably world) history. This fact has made more than a few people uncomfortable with the lack of transparency accompanying the negotiations that have surrounded it. The population at large doesn't know much about the TPP, but the few things we do know aren't making us feel any better about the whole thing: Its current content promises to give corporations more power while trampling labor rights and environmental regulations...and there is much more to find out. All in all, the signs regarding TPP point to a prioritization of corporate profits - with profound negative consequences for social, environmental and economic justice, as well as basic human rights throughout the world.

Come hear Carleen Pickard share her insights on what TPP is all about, who is behind it and how people can work together in the name of fair trade, justice and environmental sustainability. Carleen holds a MA in Anthropology and Development from the University of Sussex, UK, and has worked in social justice organizations in London, the Mexican state of Chiapas, San Francisco, Vancouver, BC and Ottawa, ON, Canada. She is now back in San Francisco to pursue her work at Global Exchange.

The UUSM is wheelchair accessible.