Teach-In and Art Party: Surveillance, Policing and Corporate Complicity

When & Where
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Galleries
2868 Mission Street near 24th St. BART Station
San Francisco, CA 94110
January 22, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Kirsten Moller, Director of Organizing
415 255 7295

Hewlett Packard is developing and supporting a biometric ID system installed in Israeli checkpoints in the Occupied West Bank which categorizes citizens by their ethnic background. In  the United States, HP is profiting from work with the US prison system and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through a contract with the US Department of Homeland Security ICE Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC) to speed up the internal process of deciding a person’s documentation status. 

Come and learn from art activists about how to make creative and effective art installations and action props that can be used as we confront corporations who profit from suppression.

Surveillance, policing, prison and corporate complicity: let’s take action!

  • Teach-in the role of HP in Occupied West Bank with Dalit Baum
  • Art and activism — how do we do it — Susan Greene and Design Action
  • Making art props for the HP annual meeting with David Solnit (hands on!)
Dalit Baum, Ph.D., is the co-founder of Who Profits from the Occupation, an activist research initiative of the Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel. During the last six years, Who Profits has become a vital resource for dozens of campaigns around the world, providing information about corporate complicity in the occupation of Palestine. Dalit has headed the Economic Activism for Palestine Program of Global Exchange, which supports corporate accountability campaigns in the U.S. Since 2013, she has been the director of the Middle East Program of the American Friends Service Committee in San Francisc
Sabiha Basrai and Ria are members of Design Action Collective -- a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to providing social justice movements with visual design and interactive media tools. Design Action has been producing campaign materials for over 10 years. They seek to contribute to a broad and effective progressive movement and participate in the struggle for social change.
Susan Greene is a social art practitioner, educator and clinical psychologist, using multiple media and formats to reveal, disrupt, and make connections leading to new ways of thinking, seeing and acting. Greene’s practice straddles a range of cultural arenas, new media, public art, video, and installation. She focuses on the borders and migrations involving memory, decolonization and the relationships between creativity, trauma and resilience in the context of globalism. Greene has led or participated in more than 30 public art projects worldwide.
David Solnit is an organizer, writer and puppeteer who uses culture, art, giant puppets and theater in mass mobilizations, for popular education and as an organizing tool. David is a direct action, strategy and cultural resistance trainer who currently works with Courage to Resist, supporting GI resistance and organizes with anti-corporate capitalist, climate justice, anti-war, human rights, and environmental justice groups against the Chevron Oil Corporation.