Workshop: Occupy 2 Decolonize Work Party

When & Where
Telegraph Avenue with the Nearest Cross Street Neing 34th.
Oakland, CA
July 5, 2014 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Zachary Running Wolf
510 927 8760

Occupy 2 Decolonize has held now a Ten Acres (Indigenous Burial Site on part of the Site) formerly managed by CalTrans (Now given an Indigenous name KKKartrans) and reclaimed stolen land by Indigenous people led by Indigenous Elder Zachary RunningWolf and the Tree People (Tuk Pikuni).

Broadway offramp from 580 in Oakland, Ca is identified as a Sacred site and linked to insulting of Women as Broad is an old term Demeaning Women so we have begun renaming the Street Indigenous Way and honoring Women and mentioned the Women aleady honored Anne Mae Aquash (Raped and Killed by the AIM (Amerikkklan Indian Movement), Ramona Africa, Pam Africa and Lynn Stewart. And we worked and suuported the Peace and Freedom Candidacy of Cindy Sheehan for Governor. Broadway exit is also Patriarchal assault Mother Earth by Auto Row being on Broadway during Global Warming. We are setting the Guildlines for this New World (5th World Hopi Prophecy) of Follow Natural Law (ie. Stop respect for all our Relations plant A Garden. We the Tree People (Tuk Pikuni) are opening the Non Burial site as a Community Garden as workplace and Educating on the Environment in Indigenous knowledge, Weekly