Fair Trade Background

The Global Exchange has been a nationally recognized leader of the Fair Trade movement in the United States for years.  We support Fair Trade because it revolutionizes the global economy by setting minimum standards for the economic, social, and environmental performance of companies.  Fair Trade products are a stark contrast to those produced under principles of unbridled free trade, in a global market economy plagued by sweatshops, human rights violations and environmental degradation.  Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Campaign focuses on cocoa, coffee, and crafts.  

Presently, the campaign especially focuses on Fair Trade cocoa for several reasons.  After our corporate campaign victories with Fair Trade coffee, we believe that Fair Trade cocoa is the logical next step.  Second, we are passionately committed to ending child and forced labor in the cocoa industry, which is a serious problem.  Third, Fair Trade cocoa is a great way to introduce the concept of Fair Trade to chocolate lovers (in other words, nearly everyone), and opens a dialogue about poverty in the global economy.
Our work with Fair Trade cocoa, as part of a coalition with several other organizations, was singled out by our corporate campaign peers across the country for the prestigious Business Ethics Network Path to Victory Award 2010.  Fair Trade Campaign Director, Adrienne Fitch-Frankel, also received the Fair Trade Hero award from leading national Fair Trade apparel company Indigenous Designs, for her work designing and implementing Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Campaign.
For more information about Fair Trade, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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