Fair Trade Easter and Passover

The Fair Trade cocoa movement was built by kids, churches, schools, towns, and individual consumers who want to be able to eat chocolate untainted by bitter working conditions. Fair Trade has revolutionized the global economy by setting minimum standards of fairness – in terms of labor, environment and community development. It has become the yardstick by which to measure and contrast products produced under unbridled free trade conditions.

More chocolate is sold in the US at Easter than any other time of the year, except Halloween and Passover is a time of reflection on slavery specifically, and an appropriate time to raise awareness about forced labor.

Please take these actions at your congregation and/or family gathering:

Easter and Passover:


  • Use Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Haggadah insert during your Passover seder. The insert is written in the lyrical language of the Haggadah, and evokes the themes of Passover, to integrate modern social justice issues seamlessly into your Passover observance. (Fair Trade Judaica offers additional Passover materials)


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