31 Ways and 31 Days to Fair Trade your October


Welcome to Fair Trade Your Halloween! Once again, Global Exchange and Equal Exchange bring you 31 days of fun ideas and activities (and a contest!) that will have you eating Fair Trade bananas, hosting movie screenings, baking delicious Fair Trade goodies, recycling Halloween costumes, and giving out Fair Trade chocolates to trick-or-treaters.

This year, Global Exchange is also offering you Fair Trade Halloween Action kits so you are fully equipped with the resources necessary to educate and take action in October. The kits are on sale until October 21 --or until we run out! Order yours today Halloween Action Kits are now sold out.


Also be in the lookout for ways to participate in our Fair Trade BINGO and enter for a chance to win a Fair Trade gift basket. Take action on four days and mail us your completed card to be entered. Download your BINGO card. 

October - Fair Trade Month   
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October 1
Visit FairTradeHalloween.org and learn how you can celebrate Fair Trade month and Fair Trade Your Halloween this year. Tell your friends to join you and celebrate Fair Trade this October!




Join Global Exchange for $25/year and and we’ll send you our Fair Trade Halloween Action Kit and a gorgeous customized Global Exchange tote bag from Handmade Expressions women’s cooperative in India. And you’ll get 10% off purchases in our San Francisco and Berkeley Fair Trade stores for a year!

October 2
Visit Equal Exchange's Small Farmer's page to learn about how they source cacao from small farmer organizations, the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement. Read farmer stories and find tasty recipes.

October 3
Find out which stores in your town sell Fair Trade chocolate for Halloween and if you are in San Francisco or Berkeley, be sure to check out the Global Exchange stores. Equal Exchange offers organic milk and dark chocolate minis that are just the right size for trick-or-treaters. Order by October 15th to get delicious minis delivered to you in time for the holiday.


You can also make a note of this action on your BINGO card. Complete all four BINGO items for a chance to be entered to win the Fair Trade prize drawing. 

October 4
140 Go Bananas for Fair Trade! Take part in the BananaGrams Challenge to inform grocery stores across the nation of the need and demand for Fair Trade Bananas. This campaign will increase the (currently limited) availability of Fair Trade bananas in communities across the country. Join in and help create a swell of support and positive impact for bananas producers across the globe!

October 5
Host a community screening of the film, The Dark Side of Chocolate, the documentary with shocking and disturbing evidence that child labor, trafficking, and slavery are continuing in the cocoa industry. Order a copy of the DVD or better yet, order Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Halloween Action Kit and we’ll send you lots of resources, including the DVD.

October 6
142 Take the pledge to only pass out Fair Trade chocolate this Halloween to trick-or-treaters. 

You can also make a note of this action on your BINGO card. Complete all four BINGO items for a chance to be entered to win the Fair Trade prize drawing.

October 7145
Work with your school to make sure the chocolate at your school’s Halloween party is fairly traded. Equal Exchange’s bite-sized chocolate minis are perfect for holiday parties, and come in milk and dark chocolate. If you are in San Francisco or Berkeley, you can pick up some bite-sized minis at the Global Exchange stores.

October 8
146 Instead of using a plastic bag or pillowcase, trick-or-treat with a canvas tote. Equal Exchange offers an organic canvas tote that will get lots of use after Halloween is over or join Global Exchange for $25/year and we’ll send you our Fair Trade Halloween Action Kit and a gorgeous customized Global Exchange tote bag from Handmade Expressions women’s cooperative in India.

October 9
Educate others about Fair Trade chocolate. Global Exchange and Equal Exchange both offer educational tools and curricula.

October 10151
Start planning for the winter holidays! Your group can host a holiday bazaar with fairly traded coffee, chocolate, foods and crafts: gifts that make a difference.  

Sign up for your free holiday bazaar kit by November 15th and you will automatically be entered to win $500 in free products for your holiday bazaar.

October 11
Plant a cacao tree for farmers in the Dominican Republic! Visit Equal Exchange's Small Farmers page to explore a cacao farm and virtually plant a tree - Equal Exchange will donate 10,000 cacao trees to farmers of the CONACADO cacao co-operative. Or join CONACADO farmers to pick Fair Trade cacao during the spring harvest on a Global Exchange Reality Tour.

October 12
Run a Fair Trade catalog fundraiser for your school or group. Sign up by the end of October to receive all your products in time for the holiday season.

October 13
147 Learn about NEW fairly traded AVOCADOS and the farmers who grow them.  Beginning in September, Equal Exchange is taking on the avocado industry, buying direct from PRAGOR, a small-farmer cooperative in Mexico. Ask for Equal Exchange Avocados this fall in your local co-op and natural foods store and support small farmers everywhere! 

Send in a picture of you making your favorite avocado recipe with Equal Exchange avocados by October 31st and you will be entered to win a free Equal Exchange sweatshirt! Submit photo to: info@okeusa.com

October 14
Not sure where your closest Fair Trade café is and need your daily fix? Check out the Fair Trade Federation’s café finder – and pledge to drink Fair Trade coffee all week! Fair Trade coffee is also available at the Global Exchange Fair Trade stores in San Francisco and Berkeley. Also, consider joining Fair Trade coffee farmers in Nicaragua next fall for the harvest on a Global Exchange Reality Tour.


You can also make a note of this action on your BINGO card. Complete all four BINGO items for a chance to be entered to win the Fair Trade prize drawing.

October 15
Halloween is just around the corner! Order Fair Trade chocolates today (orders placed by 1pm EST today will arrive by October 30th). Or stop in the Global Exchange Fair Trade stores for some bite-sized Equal Exchange chocolate to pass out to trick-or-treaters.

October 16
It’s Blog Action Day and this year’s global theme is Human Rights! Read Global Exchange's submission for Blog Action Day to learn about the impact that Fair Trade has on producers around the globe. Then take action and educate others about the benefits of Fair Trade by getting your Fair Trade Halloween Action Kit

October 17
Planning a fall festival? Fair Trade hot cocoa is a welcome treat on chilly fall days! 

October 18149
Learn about the impact that Fair Trade has on producers around the globe. The Congo Coffee Project was created by Equal Exchange in partnership with the Panzi Foundation to support the medical programs of Panzi Hospital in the D.R. Congo, a country plagued by violence. Read about the project.

October 19
Host a Holiday Delicious Peace Party in your Community! Sign up with the code fairtrade31, and you will receive a 10% discount to screen Delicious Peace Grows In A Ugandan Coffee Bean at your home or at a local venue, serve exceptional Fair Trade coffee and chocolate, and engage your family and friends in a lively discussion about the value of supporting Fair Trade practices. Specialty Studios will also make a donation to Global Exchange.

October 20
Fairtrade America has Fair Trade product samples and educational materials including product samples and coupons for Ben & Jerry’s, Divine Chocolate, Wholesome Sweeteners, and Glee Gum available for free to use at your Fair Trade Month event. Request samples & coupons from questions@fairtradeamerica.org 

October 21
148 Get a jump on holiday shopping and save. Fair Trade Resource Network 2014 calendars are 20% off until October 31. This isn’t your average calendar! It: features winning photographs of Fair Trade producers from the Fair Trade Photo Contest submitted by advocates, business and NGOs active in Fair Trade, and voted on by supporters of the Fair Trade movement; includes a "Where to Buy Fair Trade" section listing Fair Trade businesses throughout the U.S, along with Fair Trade impact stories; will raise awareness about Fair Trade and participating businesses, and generate funds for FTRN as well as calendar Resellers.

Use coupon code 20percentoff and order now!

October 22150
Learn about the traditional Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Check out the Global Exchange's Fair Trade blog to read Make a Dia de los Muertos altar, using Fair Trade materials.

October 23
Try this twist on the classic caramel apple: chocolate-covered apples made with Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt bar. 

October 24
Carving a pumpkin? Alter-Eco has wonderful recipes for your left pumpkin, using Fair Trade rice and quinoa ingredients.

October 25
Decorate your home with papel picados. If you are in San Francisco or Berkeley, visit a Global Exchange Fair Trade store. Or order online from Casa Bonampak in the traditional Dia de los Muertos colors of pink, orange and purple.

October 26
Shop at Goodwill or your local thrift store for affordable and recycled costumes. Find local Goodwill Stores.

October 27
Have you been tracking your Fair Trade actions this month in our Fair Trade BINGO game? If you have completed all four squares, be sure to send in your Fair Trade BINGO card and you’ll be entered to win a Fair Trade gift basket!


Haven't participated in BINGO yet? Download the card and send it back to us completed by November 8th.

October 28
Make frighteningly delicious baked goods with Equal Exchange chocolate and baking cocoa. Try these Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins!

October 29
Handing out Fair Trade chocolate on Halloween? Download this window sign that says THIS HOUSE SUPPORTS FAIR TRADE! If you still need Equal Exchange’s bite-sized dark and milk chocolate minis, run to the Global Exchange Fair Trade stores in San Francisco and Berkeley!

October 30
Put Equal Exchange Milk or Dark Chocolate Minis in a festively decorated bowl in your home or workplace for a sweet pick-me-up.

October 31
144 Happy Halloween! Hand out Fair Trade chocolate to Trick-or-Treaters, knowing you are helping to support small-scale farmers around the world! Download this window sign that says THIS HOUSE SUPPORTS FAIR TRADE!

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