Raising the Bar: Desired Outcomes for a Fair Hershey


  • Agreement to take immediate action to eliminate forced and child labor in violation of international human rights standards on forced, child, and trafficked labor from Hershey’s cocoa supply chain through:
    1. tracing its supply chain to the farm level,
    2. sourcing from farmers who can show through independent verification that they do not use forced labor or child labor,
    3. asking suppliers to end such practices throughout their supply chain.
  • Commitment to sourcing 100% FairTrade CertifiedTM cocoa beans by 2012 for at least one of its top-five-selling chocolate bars that prominently displays the Hershey name.
  • Additionally, a commitment to making at least one additional top-five-selling bar 100% FairTrade CertifiedTM every two years thereafter, so that Hershey’s top-five-selling cocoa bars will all be 100% Fair Trade CertifiedTM within ten years.
  • Finally, a commitment that the majority of Hershey’s cocoa across all products will be FairTrade CertifiedTM by 2022.


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