Sweet Smarts

 Change the world! Protect the planet!
Make new friends! Have a blast!



Global Exchange’s Sweet Smarts campaign is a national network of individuals, from young children to senior citizens, who use simple, creative actions to educate and advocate for Fair Trade certified products. 

And best of all…we do it all with chocolate and coffee! 


As a member of a Sweets Smarts chapter, you will…

  • Acquire advocacy and leadership skills through games and hands on activities in our Sweet Smarts Activity Guides, which encourages some chapter meetings to be led by kids.
  • Put skills into action by organizing local campaigns that call on members of your community (and schools, congregations, and businesses) to purchase Fair Trade products.
  • Earn badges and certificates.


Who can join a Sweet Smarts chapter?

  • Anyone! Chapters can be a family, group of friends, class, after-school program, camp, or faith-based group.
  • The guides are especially suitable for grades 3-8.


When do they meet?

  • Groups typically meet twice a month.


To start your own group, download the first three Activity Guides


Check out chapter leader Marie Hogan speaking at the SF Green Festival.

Sweet Smarts Captain Marie Hogan Presents at Green Festival 2010 from Global Exchange on Vimeo.

Separate or as a part of your Sweet Smarts Campaign, you can hold: 

Holiday Actions!

If its Halloween, we go Reverse Trick-or-Treating by giving Fair Trade chocolate bars back to people at their doorsteps, attached to a card with information on problems of poverty, child slavery/abusive child labor, and environmental degradation in the cocoa fields and how Fair Trade makes a difference.

If it’s the winter holidays, we go caroling to inform neighbors and community members of Fair Trade.

If it’s Valentine’s Day, we have valentine inserts you can put inside your valentines to let their loved ones know about Fair Trade.

Transforming Your Community…and the World!

On a regular basis, participants will receive modules, which are a few pages of news and information about Fair Trade farming and craft communities and simple actions we can take each month to make a difference.

Year round, we will also have the opportunity to reach out in our own communities by going to fun events, tabling, doing outreach and encouraging our communities to embrace Fair Trade.



Global Exchange’s clever curricula excite students about learning with Fair Trade chocolate! If you are an educator or youth group leader, join our Sweet Smarts listserv to be kept up to date on services for educators.


Please join us!

To get involved, start by joining our listservs and we will keep you apprised of the latest activities! If you are interested in starting a Global Exchange Sweet Smarts in your community, school, or congregation, send an email to fairtrade@globalexchange.org with “Sweet Smarts group” in the subject line.

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