Valentine's Day Curricula Resources


This Valentine's Day…
Engage Others
… to END child labor and trafficking 
in the cocoa industry!
Valentine's Day is a major chocolate buying holiday, but gifts for your sweetheart should not come at the expense of worker rights! Forced labor, child labor and trafficking continue in the cocoa industry in West Africa.
These classroom activities are great for audiences of ALL ages!
Sit Down If Exercise demonstrates that we are connected to producers around the world. Grade 3-adult.
Hard Work Growing Cocoa illustrates (using photos) what it takes to grow cocoa. From Win Win Solutions Curriculum, Equal Exchange, pp. 45-54. Grades 4-9.
What’s Fair Game is a fun simulation exercise in which students, as fair trade and non-fair trade farmers, experience benefits of membership in a cooperative, community development and long-term trading relationships. From Win Win Solutions, Equal Exchange, pp. 55-63. Grade 4-adult.
Sweet Injustice: the Chocolate Game brings alive the injustices of world trade through role playing. Adapted from People and Planet. Grade 3-adult.
Chocolate Choice has students compare the attributes of fair trade and non fair trade chocolate. From Setting a Higher Bar, Global Exchange, pp. 3.1-3.3.  Grades 2-5. Fair Trade Chocolate Book available for free download.
What is Fair Trade? explores the meaning and concept of the terms “fair” and “trade.” From Setting a Higher Bar, Global Exchange. Grades 2-5, pp. 4.1-4.4. Fair Trade Chocolate Book available for free download.
Taste Chocolate Like the Experts allows students the opportunity to learn more about this favorite food through a hands-on sensory experience. Be sure to download the Chocolate Tasting Placemat. From Equal Exchange’s fundraising program. Grade 4-adult.
How Is Our World Interconnected? asks students to consider the source of their apparel and reflect on the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King and Barbara Kingsolver. From Focus on Fair Trade Curriculum, Fair Trade USA. Grade 6-adult.
The Dark Side of Chocolate is a powerful documentary exposing child labor, forced labor and human trafficking in the cocoa fields of West Africa. It is a great resource for increasing awareness of this critical labor rights issue. Discussion guide and background information. Grade 7-adult.