Valentine's Day E-Actions

Valentine Challenge:
Tell Ten about Fair Trade...

Take E-ACTIONS this Valentine's Day!

Double the love by doing a little double-clicking action to share the love with Fair Trade cocoa farming families!

Fair Trade certification ensures cocoa farmers receive a fair price. And there’s no tainted love…Fair Trade prohibits the abusive child labor that has tainted the sweetness of mainstream chocolate.

Organizations all over the US and Canada have hooked up so you can download a little love with these Fair Trade Valentine e-actions! Together, we would like to challenge every person who sees this message to educate at least ten others about Fair Trade this Valentine’s Day, by using any of the e-action tools below!

Buy Fair Trade Chocolate and Flowers Who said you can’t buy love? Buy Fair Trade valentine chocolates at the Global Exchange online store.

New and hot this Valentine’s Day: Fair Trade flowers at Fair Trade USA. (Note: We don't recommend buying your Fair Trade flowers from Sam's Club, which is owned by Walmart. Click here for more information on our Walmart Campaign.

Clever Downloadable Fair Trade Inserts for Your Own Valentine Cards! Take the valentine of your choice, add the downloadable insert by Global Exchange, and voila! It’s Fair Trade-outreach enhanced! Adult version: “Ever wish you could send a valentine to a mysterious stranger?” Kid’s classmate version available, too!

Amuse All Your Friends with a Great Fair Trade/Organic Flash Animation E-Valentine! Visit Organic Consumer's Association (and make sure to take action at the end!)

Ask Your Community Organization or Congregation to Endorse the “Commitment to Ethical Cocoa Sourcing” Nearly 60 organizations so far are calling on the chocolate industry to reform, as signatories to the “Commitment to Ethical Cocoa Sourcing”. With your help, we can double the number this Valentine’s Day! Please ask your congregation or community organization to endorse. For more information, have a decision-maker contact Tim at .

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