Valentine's Day Inserts

Download Valentine's Day Inserts!

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that…insert!

Add meaning to your valentine this year by inserting one of these printer-friendly downloads into your valentine’s envelope, and share information about Fair Trade with all your loved ones!

Or…use the insert as a stand-alone valentine! The full-sized adult and kid inserts are designed to be folded twice, so they should look like a regular card after folding.

Adults: Download our fabulous “Ever wish you could send a valentine to a mysterious stranger?” (.pdf)

Kids: Download these mini inserts to distribute in your valentines for your classmates! Cool Valentine’s Day quiz included!…Or these folded valentine inserts or action-packed full-sized valentines.

Teachers: We recommend printing and distributing these two downloads to your students:

  1. Full-sized Valentines
  2. Fair Trade coloring sheet/Action letter to World’s Finest Chocolate


NOTE: The color inserts also print well in black and white!



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