Global Exchange Gift Memberships

Giving the gift of Global Exchange membership lets you share your values with your friends and family. 

It’s the ideal gift for any occasion, whether it’s for the holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or their birthday, your loved ones will know how much you care about them and the planet.

Simply choose your gift, and we'll take care of the rest.

Two Packages to Choose From:

  • 7 heart chocolate minis from Equal Exchange Chocolates
  • Olive wood carved hearts
  • Handmade Expressions Fair Trade Tote Bag
  • Global Exchange Membership
  • 7 heart chocolate minis from Equal Exchange Chocolates
  • Colorful soapstone heart
  • Handmade Expressions Fair Trade Tote bag
  • Metal love birds, crafted by Haitian artisans from recycled drums
  • Global Exchange Membership

Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping. Orders received after February 7th at noon PST are not guaranteed to arrive by Valentine's Day. Standard order form applies only to orders to be delivered within the United States.
Global Exchange membership has its benefits: Your gift recipient will become a member of Global Exchange for one year, complete with all the benefits that entails: free entrance to the Green Festivals, 10% discounts at our Fair Trade stores, and invites to exclusive Global Exchange member events.