GELT: History


Recognizing opportunities of change can be the most important observation an individual or a collective can make.  At the local, state and national level we are witnessing an opportunity for change in the arena of organizing around social and economic structural change.  Once strategies of mobilizing around passing public policy, challenging destructive industries or holding elected officials are becoming antiquated and ineffective.  In times of economically-forced community desperation and inaction from those in political power, we are tested to generate new, creative ways to achieve sustainable frameworks.

The new opportunity falls directly on the youth, as this generation will be the ones absorbing the initial and long-lasting effects of detrimental societal and economical practices of the past.  Given that the new structures we seek are mostly conceptually, the need to create tangible, permanent and visible solutions are of urgent priority.  Opportunity is available to commence an era of organizing around deployment of community based solutions that can be examples and pillars of new frames to which we seek.  This organizing strategy breaks conventional frames and puts the emphasis around deployment of community-based solutions that empower individuals and communities. In addition to addressing unmet community needs, this strategy also seeks to train individuals in how to build, live and work in new, equitable and just frameworks.  
Conceived in February of 2010, the Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) has developed into an essential deployment mechanism for both young leaders and community redevelopment as part of the transition into the clean energy economy.While constructing new social and economic structures, GELT integrates community resources, including residents, businesses, clergy, political infrastructure to ensure collective rebuilding that accurately represents the culture and diversity of neighborhoods.

GELT -- The Theory

The Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) is a theory of economic change, exposing individuals to the power that lies within their mind and the outcomes derived from applying their hands. Identifying individual passion and joy, integrated with experiential learning and idea manifestation, program participants can begin to create a financially successful livelihood that is rooted in what they love to do while improving the lives of those around them. Focused on emerging industries in food, energy, resources and infrastructure, GELT provides technical trainings with project development, necessary for job acquisition or creation. Through strong and integrated relationships with community organizations, residents, and businesses, the GELT program also builds community wealth with strategic designs and installs of resilient projects that alter neighborhood aesthetics, employ individuals and drive revenue for cities.
The Model
(1) Thought -------------- > (2) Belief -------------- > (3) Manifestation
(1) Thought: exploration of self via exposure to new skills, ideas while experiencing application
(2) Belief: awareness of personal authority, skills and passion, generating “risk ready” minds
(3) Manifestation: access to resources, allies with long-term plan for inevitable execution
How We Get this Done - GELT Core Core Curriculum
  • Solar PV Training and Certification 
  • Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Training 
  • Urban Permaculture Training and Certification 
  • Waste/Resource Management Training 
  • Business Generation and Creation 
  • Project Development: Idea 2 Install 
  • Individual Well-Being: Physical and Mental