NO Gun Smuggling to Mexico

Over 80% of the weapons in cartel hands come from the United States.  Lax gun control laws, especially at gun shows, make it incredibly easy for cartel buyers to purchase large numbers of guns with virtually no oversight.  

Gun control is always a contentious issue, and the opposition is organized and powerful, but we know that we cannot affect change in Mexico without addressing the arms flow from north to south. 
Together with our longtime Mexican partner Alianza Civica we’ve organized a Mexican led campaign to pressure the Obama Administration to take immediate  actions to reduce gun smuggling that do NOT require congressional approval.
This call, originated by Global Exchange, Alianza Civica, and the Washington Office on Latin America  has now been joined by many longtime gun control advocates including the Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, the Violence Policy Center, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. The growing group also includes faith based organizations such as the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society, Heeding God’s Call, and Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence.

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