Chevron Gas Stations Site of Sierra Club Protests Against Deceptive Prop 26

R. Robertson
Saturday, October 30, 2010

The top contributor to the Proposition 26 campaign is the Chevron Corporation with a donation of $3,750,000 to date. Other top contributors are big tobacco company Philip Morris USA Inc. ($1,750,000) and Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. with a contribution of $925,000.

Together with others, these companies have spent over $17 million (and counting) to pass Prop 26 because it would let them off the hook for the harm they do, and force taxpayers to pick up the tab. If passed, Prop 26 will make it more difficult to pass fees on industries that pollute our air, dirty our water, and endanger our health.

Chevron gas stations in 5 California cities were the site of demonstrations today as Sierra Club members and allies hit the streets to say No on Proposition 26. Chevron was the target of demonstrations because they are the number one top contributor to this corporate self-serving initiative. In recent weeks, Chevron has tried to "greenwash" its image with a campaign they call "We Agree". In the campaign, Chevron uses photos of attractive models to misdirect public perception of the company.

Chevron is trying desperately to appear as if they are interested in helping communities in the US and foreign countries. Their backing of Proposition 26 reveals a different story. In Palo Alto, Sierra Club members and environmentalists including the Raging Grannies held No on 26 signs on a busy street corner. They said they hoped to influence people who have not yet voted to reject the proposition.

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